About Us

We Believe in Zero Captivity

Through our focus on accurate education, our MISSION is to empower the widespread release of animals from captivity into sanctuaries. Our CALL TO ACTION is to accelerate respect for the freedom of all beings in captivity. Our HOPE is that future generations become the advocates these animals need, summoning the courage to demand selflessness over amusement and reverse the path to species extinction.

For decades, animals have been brutally captured and held in captivity under the pretense of research, education, and “feel good” empathy for the human/animal connection. Yet the fact is, these animals are highly evolved, emotional beings with sophisticated social structures, biologically designed to thrive in their habitat with their families. Captivity forces them into shallow confinement, social isolation, and the constant stress of food insecurity. As they perform for nutritional survival, the mental and physical toll robs them of their freedom and right to live their lives peacefully.

We founded a company around the dream of Zero Captivity. Beginning with an educational story about the real toll of captivity, we hope to inspire everyone to demand selfless action over amusement and in turn reverse the path of animal extinction. Our aim is to accelerate support for the widespread release of captive animals into sanctuaries through fact based education and connection.

We teach these three truths:

  • Captivity for Amusement is Unacceptable
    • Holding a living being against their will is wrong. We put a stake in the ground when it comes to amusement. Regardless of misleading narratives hiding behind research and education, capturing an animal for entertainment is inexcusable. We stand firm in the belief that given a choice, no animal would choose captivity. Therefore, in the name of animal rights, no captivity for entertainment is acceptable.
  • Education Over Emotion is the Path to Change
    • When presented with the truth, most people will choose the right path. Emotion has clouded our understanding and feelings about animals in captivity. We’re told performing for food is “motivating” and “fun.” The reality is that it’s food manipulation disguised as performance theater. If we tell people the truth, they will not only understand the cruelty but they will demand change. 
  • Freedom ≠ Bankruptcy
    • Most animal rights movements represent a zero sum game. 
    • “You stop X and we won’t cause Y.”
    • Zero Captivity seeks to create a bridge from captivity to sanctuaries. While we denounce captivity for amusement sake, we do support release into sanctuaries where ongoing study and respectful connections can still flourish. 
    • "We have some ideas where they [seaquariums] can make a transition into a new kind of marine park. A high tech marine park that can have the same amazing exhibits with IMAX theaters that have wrap around sound chambers with stimulated undersea experiences traveling with the whales from within your seat, you'd be in a pod of orcas. There could be some really very exciting and highly educational exhibits that I think are the Marine Parks of the Future." - Howard Garrett, Orca Network Co-founder and President of the Board

    Zero Captivity believes everyone deserves fact based information about the realities of captivity and it’s impact on the mental and physical health of all animals. As advocates, we understand that widespread success depends on creating healthy animal sanctuaries that present an opportunity to re-imagine how animal and human relationships exist. 

    We hope you will join us.